Telephone extension adapter

1109 adapter allows the telephone extension to be connected to an amplifier. When the telephone extension – that is connected to the 1109 module – receives a call, it connects the call directly to the amplifier. This is an standalone module. It can work independently of the Millenium installation using 1309.1 / 1304.1 amplifiers. Output and activation of Millennium amplifiers via PIN audio output.

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It allows the direct connection to an analogue telephone extension using always the standard multifrequency extension of a switchboard and spread voice messages from any telephone.

The audio output activates EGi’s DOMOS and MILLENNIUM series amplifiers.

Once the module is correctly installedit can be contacted from any other telephone extensión connected so that once the call has been made, it answers with a “”din-don”” for 1 or 2 seconds and after that, plays the telephone message using the speakers.

The disconnection can be manually done by hanging the phone, or automatically after the defined call time. This time is defined by EGi (between 10 and 60 secs.).

Finish: aluminium.

Technical data

  • Power supply 15 Vdc
  • Maximum consumption 115 mA
  • Audio output 1 Vac + 7 Vdc
  • Rack mounting 7 UP x 3 UA
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