EGi Assistance - comunicación y gestión de alarmas asistenciales


Communication and management of assistance alarms for hospitals and geriatric centres

Our aim is to make life easier, not only at individual level, but for all types of centres and companies. We design alarm and intercom management systems specifically for hospitals and residential care homes.

Secura Primma by EGi is an alarm and intercom management system for public installations that has been specifically designed for hospitals and old people’s homes.

Its functions, user-friendliness and easy installation make this system a highly competitive solution, ideal for hospitals and care facilities of more than 1,000 rooms, allowing control from one point or rerouting to a different control point.

Are you familiar with our extensive range of loudspeakers?

Sound quality has always been a priority for EGi. Our loudspeakers are meticulously designed as a fundamental part of our systems.

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