Relay commutation switch (message override commutation switch for 3 zones) 100V line

Relay switch for 3 zones and 3-wire installations. Allows broadcasting of emergency messages via 100 V speaker lines regardless of the status of the line potentiometers. Message override. Front LEDs to indicate that relays 1, 2 and 3 are activated (green), power status (green), and setup status (red). Front setup pushbutton. 14-Way ribbon wire socket for connection to audio transmission bus. Rear 14-way flat cable strap and female connector. Rear plug-in strip with 21 terminals. It can be controlled through the 0801 software, 1202 console or 1206 digital keyboard.

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As local attenuators are used in high impedance lines (100 V, e.g.), the transmission of a message over the loudspeaker which are regulated by the
attenuator must be guaranteed, independently of its functional situation (even if the regulator is off).

This type of installation uses a 3-wire connection, one for the 100 V positive output, one for the negative (0 V) and the third one guarantees the message
override through the switching of a relay in the 1318.

This module has 3 relays to differentiate 3 different messages zones (areas). When setting up the zones, each relay is assigned one zone automatically. Therefore, when setting up the installation and this module is SETUP, the control console will show 3 assigned zones at a time.all the remote rack devices to the installation.


Technical data

  • DC power supply 15 V
  • Current consumption (@ max. power) 210 mA
  • Current consumption (@ typ. power) 75 mA
  • Output max. power 500 W
  • Rack units 7 UP; 3 UA
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