portada catalogo general EN

EGi Audio presents the new General Catalogue 2017

General Catalogue 2017


EGi Audio launches its new general catalogue. It includes every solution from the Bluetooth modules for hotels and houses, to the new Millennium IP for buildings with an IP audio system adapted for each client, including the VES system for the EN54 evacuation regulation, that can plays alarm messages in the event of an emergency.

Thanks to the Play&Sound solutions, you will be able to connect any multimedia device, through Bluetooth, to enjoy your music or watch a movie at any time and with an exceptional sound quality.

With the new IP audio interfaces the facilities are simplified and it expands its benefits, allowing the management of warning messages, online music, local playlists, multicast services, SIP and VoIP through the Ethernet. It is the perfect solution for big facilities, thanks to the system 1111 and 1113 Millennium IP Interface, combined with the 100V PA systems.

In the Professional Escenic line stands out the new active Subwoofer, with Bluetooth. It is the ideal solution for facilities where the sound quality and power must be higher than the conventional systems.

To download the complete catalogue, please click here.

portada catalogo general EN

portada catalogo general EN

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