RCA pre-amplified modular input for two channels of the installation, with compresor.

RCA modular audio input with compressor to connect an external audio source to the sound installation. Front yellow LEDs to indicate the activation of line outputs and green LED to indicate the ON/OFF status. Rear connectors for stereo audio input (2 RCA pairs) and for audio programs + intercom bus (20-way ribbon wire socket). It provides 1 or 2 audio channels to the installation.

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This module allows to connect two audio sources and assigns an audio program to each of them. The combination of two 1101.1 and four audio sources will give four audio programs to the system.

Every audio sources low level output can be conected with a RCA connector to the 1101.1 module.

Automatic sensitivity adjustment. Built-in signal compressor.


Technical data

  • Power supply 15 V (flat cable)
  • Current consumption (@ max. power) 100 mA
  • Current consumption (@ typ. power) 100 mA
  • RCA input impedance 18 KW
  • RCA input sensitivity 0.316 ÷ 3.16 V (automatic)
  • Rack units 7 UP; 3 UA
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