Etapa profesional con amplificación clase D para carril DIN


2 x 25 W at 4 W Hi-Fi professional power amplifier
with < 1% less of distorsion.

Class D type amplification.

DIN rail or wall mounting.

Incorporates plug strips of high power and voltage.

Switching power supply of high efficiency.

Configurable through switches for add or divide stereo/mono, L/R channels, attenuation or gain signal with filters of low pass and high pass for use with horns or special speakers.

3 Input modes with priority:

  1. DB-25 connector for connecting 10282 wireless peripherals.
  2. Double RJ-25 telephone jack 6/6 connector for linking with other power stages 1020xx series.
  3. RCA audio input connectors for signal line.

? Finish: anodized aluminum.

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