Interface to give messages from external audio systems VOX CONTROL-type

Allows direct connection to audio equipment that generates messages, music or voice so that the audio input is played via a Millennium general message. Audio input via hybrid XLR/balanced 6.3 mm jack connector. Equipped with potentiometer to adjust sensitivity. Front pushbutton to select the option to omit or not omit messages to zones programmed as private

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It allows direct connection to voice, music or message generators in order to reproduce the audio as a MILLENNIUM general message.

Digital interface module compatible with MILLENNIUM 1316 processor only.

Audio equipment may be connected through XLR, 6.3 mm Jack or terminal block balanced connectors.

The 1110.A module sensitivity potentiometer allows adjusting the minimum sensitivity threshold and the output signal gain.

Once correctly adjusted and connected, module 1110.A, when a strong enough input signal is found, will playback this signal through a general message in every MILLENNIUM digital zone. When the input signal is over, the module will finish the message in 2 seconds.

General messages to Private zones may be omitted or not throughout the front push button.

Finish: aluminium.

Technical data

  • Power supply 15 Vdc
  • Maximum consumption 110 mA
  • Audio output 0.3 to 3 Vac (audio Input)
  • Rack mounting 14 UP x 3 UA
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