Control unit with 2 audio programs 1,5 W + 1,5 W White colour

2-channel Control unit to provide mono (1 speaker) or stereo (2 speakers) sound for a room. Volume with loudness to equalize the sound depending on the listening level. Its power is suitable for one room, but if you want to increase it, you can add an E17G amplifier. Protected against mistaken connections and loudspeaker short-circuits.

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2 Stereo audio programs

Digital volume adjustment

Remote turning on/ off of external audio sources

Preset radio station selection


On / off LED indicators

Local audio input

Headphones output

Front trim not included

White colour

Technical Data

  • Power supply V; Max I 15 V ; 300 mA
  • Audio power 1.5 W x 2
  • Speaker impedance 1÷2 x 16 Ω• 4 x 32 Ω
  • Headphones socket stereo only 8÷600 Ω
  • Walkman® input sensitivity 0.45 V
  • Loudness equalization for bass: + 5 dB
  • Timer (sleep time) 30 min.
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