06807 proyector bidireccional  con sonido  HQ para interior e exterior IP54

Projector with bidirectional HQ sound, for inside and outside IP54

Sound projector acoustically designed to deliver a higher sound quality HQ than conventionals.
Designed for vertical and horizontal positioning, both in wall or ceiling for indoor environments and outdoor environments.
Selectable power with terminal block for 100 V audio line, between 5 – 10 and 20 W.
Fixing to wall or ceiling, by adjustable handle.
Aluminium body, with white and gray aluminum color.

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Technical data

Max. power (RMS) 5 – 10 – 20 W (select)
Sound quality HQ
High impedance line 100 V
Frequency response (@ ?6dB) 104 Hz – 12 KHz
Sensitivity (1 W, 1 m) 89 dBSPL
Max. sound pressure level 102 dBSPL
Coverage angle circular 2 x (80º at 4 KHz)
Protecction IP Deegre IP 54
Weight (K) 2.60
Dimensions (mm) 313 x 162 x 180 con asa / with handle

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Petrol stations

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