0801 EGI


Provides, using a PC with Windows® type dropdown menus, 1202 control console functions and real-time display of the state of the installation, recording and playback of instant or programmed messages, with communication and advertising applications.

Offers the option of incorporating several computers or controlling the Millennium installation via several PCs and 1202 control consoles in a combined manner.

Includes the option of recording and playing back audio files (WAV), which can be programmed and sent when needed to the required groups/zones.

Supplied in the same pack : CD-ROM with control software, together with installation instructions and
minimum hardware requirements for correct operation and a console interface that connects the
Millennium system to a PC and allows recording and/or broadcasting of messages from the control desk.
Includes a female RJ45 telephone connector and 3 direct, fixed DB9 type cables, 3.5 mm stereo jack for
microphone and 3.5 mm mono jack.

Language selection from a choice of Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Operating system: Windows XP. (Consult compatibility with other operating systems).

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