Módulo emisor de audio inalámbrico wireless

Audio wireless transmitter modul

Audio transmitter module 10283 Hi-Fi for 2 audio channels.

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Each transmitter 10283 may issue up to 2 x 10282 receivers.

Allows control and sending audio wirelessly between 10402 audio console and one or more power stages of the Audio Compact series between 2 and 50 meters, depending on environment. (*)

Pluggable consoles Audio Compact EGi wireless transmitters or Link RJ model 10402.

Pluggable to audio DIN rail power stages, for audio compact amplifiers 10200: 2 x 25 W; 10201: 2 x 50 W; 10202: 2 x 120 W or 1 x 240 W; 10204: 2 x 240 W or 1 x 480 W.

Connection for consoles and power stages using DB-25, female-male direct connection, up to 2 meters cables maximum distance.

Single button for link.

Encapsulated in a plastic small size.

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