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Installations to suit your needs

EGi distributes industrial 100V line PA systems. System compatible with Millennium, for medium and large indoor or outdoor installations. This type of system, which is powerful yet simple to use and install, is ideal for sports centres, shopping malls, schools or city council premises.

EGi provides a fully integrated service, including project design and assessment to carry out installations that adapt to your needs.


Consola microfonica avisos compatible norma EN54
TSB8500-V Touch screen microphone station for emergency calls

The TSB8500-V touch screen remote unit allows the sending of emergency live messages and evacuation/alert pre-recorded messages. The unit is…

Attenuators and accessories

03002 12 W resistive attenuator for 100 V line with message priority via 3 wires

Resistive attenuator for 100 V, 12 W power loudspeaker lines. For 60 x 60 mm universal enclosure, without trim, with…

05005 Transformer 100 V line 6 W, 3 W, 1 W – 16 Ω output

Transformer to connect low impedance 16 Ω loudspeakers to 100 V line. Power: 1.3 and 6 W. High audio quality,…

Practical cases

Petrol stations

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