Line Array Diffussers

Difusor Line Array HiFi profesional de 150 W para interior/exterior
06815 Line Array professional diffuser 100 V – 150 W HiFi for indoor/outdoor.

Line Array diffuser HiFi professional 5 "+ ribbon tweeter 100/50 W; 100 V. Diffuser for sound in pub's with live…

Power amplifiers

Mixing tables and equalizers

6201 Mixing table 4 channels for disc-jockeys

Budget-friendly option for installations in which music from 2 different external sources need to be mixed with the voice of…

6202 Mixing table 16 channels for professional audio

This option amply covers the functions of the EGi 6201 mixing desk and it is highly recommended for stage performances…

6205 Automatic feedback destroyer

The 6205 is the quickest feedback canceller (> 0.2 sec.) and the only one with 96 kHz on the market.

62001 Active crossover processor – 1 rack 2 Line in & 3 Line out connection pc usb

Active crossover filters processor for 1 rack unit, at 230 Vac, 2 IN Left & Right, 3 OUT Left, Right…

DMP8008 Remote Control Wall Panel

For DMX8008

10301 frente
10301 120 W mixer amplifier

AC and DC input power. (Available from July 10).

Common musical sources

01007 frente
01007 Musical source

Remote control CD / MP3 player and tuner. (Available from July 10).

Passive diffusers

Cables and accessories

Practical cases

Petrol stations

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