Bluetooth Module receiver HiFi

Bluetooth Module receiver HiFi 6 6 W 110/230 Vac. Special hidden for ceiling format

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Hidden amplifier module with independent Bluetooth connectivity.
Direct connection to 115/230 V~.
Stereo bluetooth 2 version receiver with A2DP-SINK profile and 8 storable links.
4 Ω stereo output per channel allowing the following combinations:
– 2 x 4 Ω loudspeakers (1 per channel), 6 W per loudspeaker.
– 8 x 16 Ω loudspeakers (4 per channel), 1.5 W per loudspeaker.
– 16 x 32 Ω loudspeakers (8 per channel), 0.75 W per loudspeaker.
Easy configuration of bluetooth® by searching the “friendly name” (EGi 41519 xxxx) and confirming a random password, which is given in each product with 4 digits “xxxx”.
Compact format for ø65 mm holes, for an easy way to placing in false ceiling or walls.
Finish: white.

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